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Amateur Towing Solutions Meme

We Say ‘No’ to Amateur Towing Solutions

The Perils of Amateur Towing Solutions

In the early days of motoring when a vehicle broke down it could be towed to wherever it needed to be transported in order to be fixed by just about any other vehicle.

The invention of the tow truck, and professional towing along with it, is commonly attributed to Ernest Holmes Sr. an auto mechanic who lived in Chattanooga Tennessee. It was he who, in 1916, realized it was necessary to have special vehicles designed especially for towing along with accompanying gear (such as blocks, chains, winches etc.) and men who knew how to operate them.

Nowadays amateur towing has gone all but extinct, but for those of you who may still contemplate using a regular vehicle to tow an incapacitated one using a chain or rope we describe just what can go wrong.

Damage to One or Both Vehicles Involved

When towing in an amateur fashion the chain, rope or towing pole used must be somehow attached to the front end of the towed vehicle and to the back of the vehicle doing the towing. The forces exerted during the tow may very well cause damage in the form of bending, breaking or even tearing away parts not sturdy enough to withstand them.

Towed Vehicle Colliding with the Vehicle Doing the Towing

During the ride the towing vehicle will inevitable need to accelerate, decelerate, come to complete halts and start off again. During such maneuvers it is hard to ensure that the vehicle towed remains a safe distance behind the vehicle towing it. It is very common in amateur towing to have the front end of the towed vehicle colliding with the back of the towing vehicle causing damage to either or both of them.

Causing a Traffic Accident

The greatest peril of all involved in amateur towing is causing an accident on route. It is hard to maneuver an amateur towing combo, other vehicles on the road do not expect such obstructions to the normal flow of traffic, the result may very well be a crash, sometimes a severe one.

All things considered and with pro towing solutions just a phone call away it is definitely not a good idea to opt for amateur towing. What you should do is choose the most reliable, professional and fast towing company and have a professional tech handle the tow for you using a tow truck. We at Edmonton Towing are available 24/7 and can be at your side in 30 min.

Amateur Towing Solutions Meme

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