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Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance Services in Edmonton

Edmonton’s Emergency Towing Solutions

Undeniably, the worst situations are not those planned for, they are those that happen when you are the least prepared. Over our years of experience providing professional towing services in the Edmonton community, our team has become well acquainted with the troubles that can befall drivers. From little things like flat tires to the more serious misfortunes like highway accidents, there’s very little we haven’t seen.

For emergency towing services in Edmonton call (780) 628 1350

Though we would not wish accidents and the need for emergency towing on any driver in Edmonton, we have not wasted these experiences. Due to of our interaction with drivers here, in Edmonton, we have learned how to offer the best help possible. You are truly in good hands when you turn for help to Edmonton Towing.

Edmonton Towing customers trust us to provide them with excellent services. Here go the policies we run our business by:

  • 24 Hour Availability. You can’t ever know when disaster is going to strike. Whether it comes in the middle of the night or when the noon sun is high in the sky, Edmonton Towing is ready to provide immediate response to your call.
  • 30 Minutes Arrival Time. There’s really no time to waste in an emergency situation and we take this seriously. With our customers as our top priority, we are committed to responding to your call within thirty minutes time.
  • Transparent and Honest Pricing. Our customers can count on us to provide straightforward and honest quotes with no hidden fees. We believe there’s no place for us to take advantage of your misfortune. We have long held to our honest pricing policy.

It’s not just our policies that reflect our desire to provide quality emergency towing services; it’s the way we run our company. Each member of the team is hand selected for his or her experience and ability to assist in the necessary problem solving. Technicians are trained to be experts in the field and to use the latest in software and tools. Our trucks are kept well maintained and ready for a call at any moment.

The towing technicians we work with are fully licensed and certified. Here, at Edmonton Towing, we are fully prepared for anything so you don’t have to worry.

For certified towing solutions all across Edmonton call (780) 628 1350

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