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24h Roadside Assistance Services in Edmonton

Top Quality Roadside Assistance 24/7

Edmonton Towing offers round the clock roadside assistance services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Most drivers know that there is a myriad of things that can go wrong with a car when they are on the road. Therefore, having a trusted and reliable car locksmith company on your speed dial is simply a must. Our comprehensive roadside assistance services have got you covered. Whatever the unexpected car malfunction might be, we can certainly handle it. We will arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call and resolve the situation on the spot.

For a certified car locksmith in Edmonton call (780) 628 1350

The incredibly inconvenient flat tire is an oldie, but still the most common problem to occur on the road. Perfectly good tires can blow out or get punctured at any moment and often leave drivers in an unpleasant situation. While in the past, the roadside used to be a safe enough place to change a tire, it is often too dangerous for that these days. Our technicians will not only provide the tools and other resources necessary to get your tire fixed, but also provide protection from the road while the task is completed.

Our technicians are trained to provide car locksmith expertise for any car lockout situation and can help cut replacement keys on the spot. Serving as a mobile locksmith, we not only provide car lockout solutions, but we can also extract broken keys, replace ignition keys and program new transponder keys for much more affordable prices than your car dealership.

Cold and heat can play tricks on your car battery, and all too often, absent-minded mistakes lead to batteries being completely drained of energy. Unlike a flat tire fix, there is no way for one person to jumpstart their battery alone. Two vehicles are required, along with the proper tools. You can count on Edmonton Towing to be there for you. Our technicians will help you jump a dead battery and help diagnose any real trouble with your battery.

Since your priorities are our priorities, we do our very best to make sure our technicians are highly trained, fully licensed and always reliable. Whether you are locked out of your car, stranded by a flat tire or in need of a battery jumpstart, consider calling Edmonton Towing. No matter where you are or when you call, you know we’ll be there for you.

Competitive prices and full customer satisfaction are guaranteed!

For top quality roadside assistance in Edmonton call (780) 628 1350

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