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24h Winching Services in Edmonton

Edmonton Towing Will Winch You Out

Need to winch your car out of a tight spot? Edmonton Towing is just one call away! No matter when you’re in need of our assistance we are always ready to help. Edmonton Towing is a leading tow and recovery business which provides services to the residents of the Edmonton area. We commit to providing our customers with the highest quality service and our goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

For more info on our winching services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1350

Edmonton Towing works around the clock to ensure that there is always someone available to help you in your time of need. We commit to a 30 minute arrival time to all locations in the area. Our operators work every day of the year, in all weather conditions because we know that when it gets rough out there you may need our help. In fact, our winching services are required most during the severe weather in those difficult winter months.

When Do You Need Winching Services?

You will need winching services if your car is stuck in mud, sand or snow. This can happen if your vehicle has left the road for any reason (skidding or sliding on the icy roads or swerving to avoid hitting an animal are two of the main reasons that this happens).

So, What Exactly Are Winching Services?

Good question! Winching services are not the same as recovery services and sometimes this service will be provided hand in hand with another service, such as recovery or towing. Winching is pulling a vehicle out once it has become stuck, for example in sand, mud or snow. This can only be done if the vehicle is moderately close to a flat, solid surface.

How Can I Help You Do Your Job?

Thanks for asking! If you are in need of winching you are probably quite stressed out. But don’t panic, Edmonton Towing will be there soon to help. And, you can help us get there and do our work faster by giving us information that will help us prepare to pull you out. The more information you give us about your situation the more we know in advance which equipment and skills we will need.

We will ask you questions that will help us assess the situation:

What caused you to leave the road?

Where are you and how close to the road / flat surface are you?

What did you get stuck in (mud, water, etc.)?

Can you tell if the vehicle has been damaged?

What are the conditions of the area (weather, muddy, condition of the road, etc.)?

We will only know after our operators pull you out if you will need a tow or any further service.

Stay Safe

Never try to pull your vehicle without assistance from a trained professional. We have all the equipment necessary to do this and our operators have all been trained to use it. Winching can be very dangerous.

If at any time you feel that you are in danger due to the conditions call 911 immediately.

For our winching services in Edmonton call (780) 628-1350

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